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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now at 6:00 o'clock four days without power. the drone watch three over crews hard work in bryn mawr this team from chicago is lending a hand trying to restore power to homes nearby after last week's nor'easter, tore down neighborhood lines. and it continues all over the region drone watch three captured what looked more like construction zone then a home in chester county and tonight, amid all of the damage we're tracking a new, nor'easter. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. you heard that correctly another nor'easter is heading right for us and could bring more snow, with it. >> kate's tracking the storm that could grind things to a halt on wednesday, so what are we looking at, kate. >> it is looking like significant snow with this system that will be the biggest threat, hallmark of our last storm, was the win, win coupled with the wind and heavy snow couple with power outages. this time around it will be
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more snow, less wind, but impact may be just as pronounced. a winter storm watch has been issued, this will go in effect 9:00 tomorrow night and continue right through 3:00 a.m. thursday. bulk of this storm is during the day wednesday. you can see right now most of the area is under that winter storm watch, likely to be a winter storm warning, and possibly a winter weather advisory to the south. we will see what happens as we get closer tomorrow. suffice to it say storm's brewing off to the west and heading our way. you can see over northern plains snow, that heads east. then we will watch a new low develop off the coast that will be the nor'easter that impacts us during the day on wednesday. tomorrow, precipitation doesn't likely begin until nine or 10:00 o'clock heading in to wednesday that is the main event, wednesday midday as that storm strengthens it throws back a batch of very heavy snow likely banding here , wednesday afternoon, and wednesday evening, that is when we will have the heaviest and then pushes out but as far as impacts are concerned snow
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fall high impact ice low and wind, outages maryland rate impact we will talk about the potential for more power outages and have our updated snow map coming up in a few minutes, for now, jessica and ukee, back to you. timing of the this next blast of winter weather could not be worse for delaware county. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is in springfield township where effects have the last weeks storm is still being felt, alycia. >> reporter: ukee and jessica crews have been working for 72 hours around the clock to clean up debris, down trees and restore powers to tens of thousands of people throughout the county. there is a licensing way to go but progress is being made by the hour, you will recall our 5:00 o'clock hit i shed you this intersection behind me there was a state police officer out here and he no longer needed because signal, traffic signal here is now working and power has been restored to this area. it is essentially a dash to clean up.
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restore power in delaware county, before another nor'easter hits the region. >> that is the big concern, planning means today we are talking about the next storm coming. the tough part again is many people we can get back to a sense of normalcy the bet are. >> reporter: tens of thousands oz have people in the county, 72 hours after the storm are still without power, you still see homes, they were just hammered by fallen trees and cars that still sit in the street crushed. crews are working around the clock to clean up the mess, 22 lumber jacks have been brought into help but there are more fallen trees, debris and damage then there are available crews. >> i called tree company about saturday and they told me they might get out today. i called back today, they said it would be probably weeks. >> reporter: daniel goldstein in havertown is so worried about the new nor'easter that he is trying to cut down this partially fallen tree in his
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yard with the hand saw, since tree cutting co are overwhelmed. >> just trying to take bigger pieces down because i don't want the rest of the tree to go this way. thinks all i got. you go to home lowes or anything like that i am's sure they are out of the big stuff. so just trying to dot best i can. >> reporter: the numbers in delaware county is there are about 17,000 homes, businesses , without power, and most of those customers should expect services to be restored by midnight tonight but some unfortunately, a few customers may have to wait as long as wednesday to have power, restored, and wednesday, of course, it is when we are expect ago this new nor'easter live from delaware county, a leash's nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". utility co in our region are making progress in getting power back on. here's where we stan right now peco is reporting 41,000 outages, ppl more than 3600 outages. atlantic city electric has 176
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homes and businesses in the dark, del marva, power stands at 741 and pse&g is at 58. police say icy roads for blame for 10 car pile up on kelly drive this morning. this section of the roadway is now back opened in both directions, chopper three was over the scene near 30th street and girard avenue. it happened just after 8:00 o'clock this morning. one cara period to have veered off the road and into a tree, in word on whether anyone was hurt. as we gear up for more dangerous conditions, you can keep track of the latest storm as it arrives in the area with the cbs-3 mobile weather app just down load to it day from the apple, app and google play stores to get your local forecast, right on your smart phone. it was a murder spree that shook the delaware valley last summer, and new families of the three victims allegedly killed by cosmo dinardo and his cousin on a bucks county farm, have filed wrongful death suits. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is live in the
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sat center with details on this case, chantee. >> reporter: all of the victims parents were in tears describing life after losing their sons, they believe more should have been done to prevent the accused killer cosmo dinardo from getting a gun. >> he told me he loved me. we hugged each other. and then i told him see you later. >> reporter: sharon patrick never saw her 19 year-old son jimmy patrick walk right back through the front door among four young men shot, killed, buried on a farm in solebury in bucks county last july. on monday, the attorneys for the families of dean finocchiaro, tom mayo and jimmy patrick announced wrongful death civil lawsuit against the killer cosmo dinardo, his parents, and his cousin sean kratz. family of the fourth victim mark sturgis filed a wrongl death civil suit last year, according to the complaint, sturgis was shot by a gun owned by cosmo dinardo's mother.
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lawsuit claim that the parents neglect to safe guard their gun while knowing their son had serious mental health issues. farm where men is farmed is own by dinardo's parents, he and his cuss written charged in all four murders. >> the emotions i feel and loss. >> reporter: jimmy patrick's mother said she she was most proud of her son's giving heart. >> his goal, in life was to help people. >> reporter: now her goal, to honor jimmy's goal by making a change in everyone's life. >> society can begin to change to make sure that mentally ill individuals disturbed never, ever have access to weapons to kill people. >> reporter: victim's attorney plan to subpoena mental health record of cosmo dinardo. they even compared his case to the parkland florida shooting, his trial starts in november. live from the sat center, chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there are callsiminal chargd
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begins camden county officer accused of police brutality. officer and two others were suspended after this video surfaced, it shows an officer punching a man who was already on the gund, a lawyer, foreman says his client, edward menwilla was brutally beaten but still faces criminal charges. >> i have called on the prosecutor's office to dismiss those charges but it has been met with silence and that is interesting considering the individuals caught on video doing the beating has not been criminally charged. >> reporter: in a statement to "eyewitness news" camden county spokesmen says in part that the video from the scene as shocking and disturbing as it is, it is not who we are and the police department and does not represent our training, standards or culture at the agency. i can say in no uncertain terms that this isolated incident will be addressed. bill cosby was back inash og issues before jury selection begins in his sexual assault retrial later this month.
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prosecutors want to call 19 accusers to the witness stand as evidence of prior bad acts. cosby's attorneys opposed letting other woman testify, the judge presiding over the case says he will need time to consider the request. cosby's accused of drugging and assaulting andrea constand at his home in 2004. he maintains that was consensual both side will return to court tomorrow for additional arguments. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" little girl and her family are celebrating life two years after a down another path. >> you have to have hope, you have to have confidence. you know, otherwise, you will break. >> health reporter stephanie stahl introduces us to the girl and how this success story is inspiring a room of people to spin for chop. also the philadelphia flower show is blooming at the pennsylvania convention center , we will show you the displays that has guests
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really saying, wow. will you trade a super bowl mvp? if so what would you want in return? a price has been reportedly been set for nick foles and that story later in
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investigators in burlington county of charged three men with stealing more than a million-dollar, from afu. the suspects family members raymond dale, ronald and shawn zale were running the funeral home in moorestown. police say from 20 on will through 2016 they diverted 1.3 million-dollar into their personal bank accounts. the investigation into the l began after it closed in 2016. a work out to help little hearts, second annual philly spin in takes place weekend to benefit children's hospital of philadelphia cardiac unit. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the giant spin party and the patients it will help. >> reporter: it will be a good time for everybody. 500 riders are expected for chop's spin in party, and
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doctors say the money raised will fund innovative research, that will help pediatric hea patients. two and a half year-old fey kaufman loves cooking with her big sister. what will we cook today. baya is a busy little girl these days but her life started with a ominous diagnosis, a cgenital heart defect. >> when the says, we have a major every problem, there is a problem with the heart, i figured that was it. >> reporter: baya's parents, steve and matt, lived every parent's, nightmare. >> it was tough,y tough. >> absolutely. >> reporter: four days after she was born baya had open heart surgery at chop. >> i have no word to explain, how terrifying, that was. >> reporter: fair has now turned into amazement with doctors say baya's hearties perfect now and she has been med ambassador for chop's
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second annual cardio party philly spin into benefit the cardiac center for chop. >> it has been an amazing experience. >> you have to have hope and confidence, otherwise, you will break. >> reporter: now there is hope for a bright they happily read funny stories to their little girl. >> did you eat breakfast. >> no. >> yes. >> reporter: kaufman's put together a team for spin in that has raised $3,000 a token of their appreciation for saving baya. >> it is amazing, that is what chop does. >> reporter: now spin into benefit other patients in children like baya takes place sunday march 11th at chop, and it is an all day relay style event featuring dozens of fund raising teams. i'm told it is a blast, last year they raised $200,000. >> that is great. >> yes. >> reporter: she's just fine now and precious. >> fantastic. >> miracs of medicine. >> thanks,tephanie. kate bilo joins us now
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with our forecast and i'll tell you i'm tired of this march coming in like a lion. >> march has come in and said hear me roar. >> yes. >> it will be two nor'easters in the first week and we are watching the coast potentially next sunday into monday. >> we will get there. >> yes. >> but lets take a look what is happening with this next storm. coming on the heels of the what happened friday, this is not a welcomed piece of news for most people out there looking outside we will start off with the good stuff. beautiful evening outside ocean city looking quiet. you can see tide coming in. sunset looks great. in problems out there. little breeze. wins are dying down tonight and first half looks quiet as well and then cloud will move in and that is when you know our next storm ace approaching storm scan three shows you where that is right now, center of circulation over northern plains, and secondary piece of energy will form off the coast and this will form like the system we had friday with one low to the west and secondary low off the coast all of the energy transfers to
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the coastal low and will throw back enough moisture into that cold air to produce locally heavy snow for us. here's what this looks like. by 9:00 tomorrow we will start to see first little pieces of precipitation, generally light rain around 9:00 tomorrow engineer city, light snow in the poconos, probably wtrmix in. precipitation stays light until mid-morning wednesday when we can see a ban of heavy rain over portions of south jersey and in the city. we have to watch how quickly this change over happens. that will hold the key to how much snow is going to fall but likely by noon or 1:00 o'clock it is snowing at a very, very good clip across the region. you can see from the lehigh valley right down to philadelphia and suburbs still seeing rain down the shore through the afternoon though 3:00 p.m. we will see banding set up over portions of south jersey still snowing at a good clip in our western suburbs and then starting to wrap up by four or 5:00. by 6:00 heaviest snow lifts toward new york city.
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by 11:00 o'clock wednesday evening most of the snow is over with and certainly ending through overnight hours into thursday morning but this will leave behind a brief, heavy dump of snow, through the afternoon hours, we call it a thump when snowfalls very heavily, short period of time usually between 11 and seven is peak intensity but snow could fall at one to 2 inches per hour a zoom 2 inches per hour over four hours you're talking 8 inches of snow right there. it starts between 9:00 and midnight tomorrow night, heaviest is wednesday midday into thearly evening, major travel problems all day wednesday, storm moves by thursday morning. we have set our confidence meter here, maryland rate because we do know we will see significant totals someone in our area will have a close to a foot have snow probably even more. what we have to see just how much that mixing sets up over south injuries which that will held down totals for these areas and how long that banding we have to watch where band set up that is your heaviest snow.
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i'm thinking bull's eye will set up north and west of philadelphia, those are areas mess likely to see close to a foot of snow. as far as wind gusts are concerned we will see brief intensification of the win during storm, wins gusting to 30 to 40 miles an hour not as bad as last storm but more heavy wet snow in trees and brandes, winds 40 miles an hour, trees are weaken, ground saturated and that means another round of down trees and wires cannot be ruled out with this system, again, less winds, more snow, that is the hallmark when you compare this system to friday's storm. so wednesday, heavy snow through the afternoon mixing with rain at first, changing to all snow by midday, thursday a few lingering flurries, friday late day snow shower possible and then quiet start to the weekend, that is some good news and we do spring, forward over the next weekend which means daylight hours will last longer at this time next week so a tiny bit of good news. >> it is silver lining.
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>> little one. >> all right. that is what we got. >> don, is what coming up next >> nick foles wins super bowl mvp. he may win a big payday and another city we will talk about his trade value. will vinny curry be back with the birds? we have an update on the eagles defensiveend in sports up
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removed from winning super bowl mvp and now he may be removed from the equation, nfl writer jeff musher is reporting that the eagles received a trade offer for foles unnamed afc team has offered a second round pick, however, the birds are holding out, they reportedly want at least what they got for sam bradford which is a first round pick, along with a fourth. >> stay tuned. >> updating vinny curry story espn is report ago this bird are trying to restructure curry's deal, he will count
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11 million against cap, birds are 9 million over that number , so they will save five if they decided to release him patrick robinson is one of the best cornerback as veil able on the open market. he was great for the birds and giants want in on that action, big blue, reportedly interested in signing him, the move would help, them, while, of course, taking away a key member of the eagles secondary switching gears, quiet night the score game sixers play in charlotte tomorrow they blew a 20-point lead in milwaukee last night. flyers host penguins on wednesday, orange and black got blown out in florida yesterdayfterno a. twins visiting phillies in clearwater, it was a good start for vince vel questions, went two innings, punched out three, only gave up zero phillies offense was good on the day, rhys hoskins left field, solo shot, and that is
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his second home run of the spring, and phillies win four- three your final score. nfl scouting combine is talk of the leagu here's nfl commissioner roger goodell running the 40 at nfl headquarters in new york. he ran tonight 5.41. that is nfl network hoe rich, shown right here. so, commissioner, gave it a shot in a suit and tie. >> and sneakers. >> yes. >> you cannot really do it in a suit and tie. >> i got dean running a sub 4.3. >> you seem optimistic. >> i'll try it. >> i cannot guarantee it. >> thank you. >> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> jeff glor has a look at the story ahead. >> former snow worked begins russia is found poisoned we are looking in to it. why scammers are turning their sights on millennial and
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nfl presents peck with one hand who wowed the combine, just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first philadelphia flower show opened for business, fully immersive exhibit that is stunning people as they walk through the doors, we will be right back.
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certainty. >> elaborate displays are part of the wonders of water theme this year, and, attendees begin their experience by being immersed and reenforced. >> big, bright, orange, red colors, that we have seen and we are bringing plants over your head and bringing new to ferns, and, vines, we will completely cascade all around you when you go, that opens up to a huge, 25-foot waterfall. >> the philadelphia flower show has been around since 1829, and it is also largest flower show in the country and runs through sunday march 11th real quick before we roll one more check of this forecast. >> we're talking another nor'easter. everyoneut snow fall totals. six to 12 inches from especially city just north and west with three to six further south ande we will keep you posted, and monitoring, highly confident it will happen, question is how much. >> yes. >> thanks for watching us at 6:00 we are back here on at
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11:00 on captioning sponsored by cbs >> no, we're not backing down. >> glor: the president at odds with many in his own party. >> i don't think you're going to have a problem. >> glor: also tonight, trump campaign aide sam nunberg says he won't comply with the special prosecutor's subpoena. >> thank god,nk. >> glor: an airline passenger tries to open the cabin door in flight. hundreds of thousands still without power, and another nor'easter is brewing. who is a bigger target for scam artists, seniors or 20-somethings? we'll have the answer? >> and the oscar goes to... >> glor: a thief. the great hollywo gold heist of 2018. >> we did it. we did it. >> glor: and shaqueem griffin is absolutely dominating. >> glor: he's racing


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